Women's 12 Step Rehab in California

Rising Roads is a 12 step inclusive program. The 12 step program began with Alcoholic Anonymous in the 1930’s and is widely held as one of the best approaches in combating physical as well as process addictions. We incorporate the steps, traditions and concepts in our approach to treatment. Staff, who are experienced in the 12 steps, lead groups every week and are available to assist clients as they walk through the process.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Part of the Rising Roads program is not only to attend meetings but to also obtain a 12 step sponsor and actively work the program. It is our intention to show you what a sober woman is in all aspects of her life. You will be allowed passes with your sponsor and we will be encouraging you to create a strong sober community for yourself.

We attend numerous local meetings throughout each week. Based on the milieu we will decide on the best 12 step meetings for that week including Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous, ABA or another meeting that the house feels would be useful. Orange County, California is known as one of the best places for recovery. There are meetings at all hours every day of the week.

We believe that the incorporation of the 12 steps, as well as the meetings and community that comes with it, is a fundamental need when in recovery. The benefits of the amiability that comes when you walk into a group of like-minded people is tangible. Attendance at strong women's meetings gives our ladies a place, outside of just treatment, to connect and great additional bonds. Many of our women consider their sponsorship families to be nearly as important as their nuclear family.

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In a home-like environment located near the sands of Huntington Beach, the women of Rising Roads experience the power and serenity of recovery. Begin your individual journey with our accredited counselors and clinicians today: call 866.746.1558 to discuss our admissions procedures.





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