Addiction-Related Trauma Treatment for Women

Coping with trauma is a personal and painful journey. Addiction-related trauma begins when women rely on drugs or alcohol to dull their pain and deal with traumatic experiences. For many addicts, chemical use delivers “instant” relief from pain, shame and a perceived sense of unworthiness. In other cases, women develop substance use disorders out of the need to function better in their marriage, parenting or professional roles. Eventually, this way of dealing with trauma can lead to a crippling addiction: hampering a woman’s ability to move past trauma in productive, healthy ways.

Trauma & Addiction: Breaking the Cycle

The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimates that as many as 80 percent of women seeking addiction treatment also have a trauma history, and this number does not include women who cannot or will not get help for their substance abuse disorder. As women continue to suffer from co-occurring disorders, they become stuck in a negative cycle of physical, emotional, psychological and relational problems.

Regardless of the experience, most women identify feelings of shame, anger and humiliation following a traumatic event. Rising Roads helps women identify their trauma origin and encourages them to step outside painful emotions to develop a practical plan for overcoming negative feelings. Our Orange County recovery facility treats PTSD and substance misuse concurrently since one drives the other. As women break the trauma-addiction cycle, they experience personal, spiritual and relational growth.

Personalized Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Trauma and addiction often coexist—so Rising Roads Recovery offers unique therapy services to treat both issues. Our dual-focused trauma program establishes a strong foundation from which women begin to restore their well-being and look ahead to lasting recovery.

Rising Roads therapists believe you deserve to feel safe and secure, despite your past experiences. Whatever the trauma, our team helps clients to:

  • Resolve lingering feelings of harm & vulnerability
  • Reestablish confidence & self-esteem
  • Develop healthy outlets for negative emotions
  • Regain a positive outlook on life

Addiction doesn’t have to be your coping strategy. In partnership with women and their families, Rising Roads personalizes our clients’ recovery journey to their unique personality, family dynamic, and substance use history. 

If you or a woman you love is suffering from substance misuse resulting from trauma, our women-only addiction center can help. Call 866.746.1558 to request information about trauma recovery, discuss insurance coverage and verification, or begin the journey to sobriety and emotional empowerment.

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