Art Therapy and Expression

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls” - Pablo Picasso

The modern day practice of “Art therapy” is relatively new, but the use of art to communicate and express has been used since the beginning of human times. Throughout history we have used art of all mediums as a way to express symbolism and for self-expression. The discipline of Art Therapy itself is noted to have begun around the 1940’s and used mainly in sanitariums and hospitals until the 1980’s when it began to have more momentum and its applications were considered broader. Now the practice is widespread and can be found in all facets of mental health institutions.

We know that the artistic portion of our brain is different from the analytical part of our brain. We also know that tapping into the parts of us that we don’t use as much can be very beneficial. Yes, even for those of us who do not consider ourselves artistic. Art can be a phenomenal tool when used to promote emotional and cognitive growth. Through image making and creating you can tap into parts of your inner self. This is also helpful for clients who may be having a hard time communicating verbally and is considered a form of experiential therapy.

Rising Roads uses both “Art therapy” which is facilitated by a therapist as well as “Art Expression” which can be facilitated and encouraged by anyone on our staff. Our hope is to enhance your therapeutic experience with the incorporation of artistic expression in many different mediums. We have used painting, crafting, music, sculpture, woodworking, and others just to name a few. We also encourage our clients to let us know if there is something specific they feel might help them in their expression and we will do our best to facilitate the desire.





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