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Addiction can sometimes get in the way of educational and job goals. The women who come to Rising Roads are usually in need of some form of help when it comes to employment or education. We are here to help you discuss what the problem is, how we can fix it, and get you on the right path. You are worth it and we want you as well as potential schools or employers to know your value.

If your hope is to stay in California long term and want to attend school, we can begin by establishing residency immediately. We are in close proximity to several community colleges, State and Private universities, and trade schools. If you are in need of your GED, we work closely with the adult education department of Orange County and we can facilitate this as well. We have staff who can assist you in the application process, placement testing, and class planning. Any one of these things can feel overwhelming when you’re on your own but with Rising Roads you won't be.

Maybe you already have your degree and need to find employment in your chosen profession. Southern California is a consumer driven area and many companies choose to keep their headquarters nearby. Whatever your profession is, we can assist you in finding the right fit for you and can role play the interview so you aren’t caught off guard on the questions like, “why did you move to California,” or “so what happened at your last job.”

There are also women who come to us and have no idea what they want to do and maybe they just need to get a job while they figure it out. We have connections in the area for jobs and staff who can help you create a resume. And yes, we can create a great resume no matter what you have or have not been doing for the last few years. Our goal is to make you marketable and give you some confidence. Employment can be scary and we know it. But, with the appropriate tools and our support you can find your way in the workforce.





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