Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy is a term used to describe active experience therapy modalities aimed at uncovering subconscious issues and patterns. There are many types of experiential therapies including role-playing, psychodrama, equine therapy, recreational therapies, and music expression. The experiential movement has given the addiction treatment industry a way to help clients experience a therapeutically valuable moment with all their senses rather than just analytically.

Often women come to us who have “been in therapy for years,” and they continue to feel stuck. Experiential activities can be vital for the client to shake things up and see her history in another way. We see the use of role playing and psychodramas, when facilitated by experienced and certified practitioners, as very beneficial in breaking through the barriers of denial on a plethora of issues. Music has been another way we see clients form their personalities and communicate thoughts and feelings previously covered up. Recreational experiential therapies, such as kayaking and rock climbing, help clients gain courage and self-confidence.

The most precious benefit of using experiential therapy is, there is therapeutic value for everyone in the group, including the facilitator. When emotionally present in an experiential group or experience, all the clients, not just the woman physically participating, gain insight into their own issues. The facilitator will gain information about all present that will only benefit the treatment process. There is intrinsic value in every woman’s presence and there is power in the group experience. The group is stronger and more in tune with each other.

Rising Roads is committed to providing care that is always on the cutting edge but has also been proven useful. Experiential Therapy is beneficial, especially for those who feel blocked in some way. It is used to uncover and beat patterns that have been previously unbreakable. We use it to solidify the group and create supportive alliances. In truth, the benefits are limitless and we want you to experience them for yourself.





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