Family of Origin Trauma Treatment for Women

We all have family experiences that trigger negative or unpleasant thoughts or memories. When these experiences become overwhelming and impact your ability to cope with stress in a healthy, productive way, the experts at Rising Roads can help. Designed by women for women, our Orange County treatment program is ideal for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) clients as well as women managing a dual diagnosis.  

Understanding Family of Origin Trauma

Family of origin trauma, or trauma that occurs within a household, may stem from divorce, death of a parent or sibling, chemical dependency, or pattern of emotional and physical abuse. This type of trauma can be difficult to recognize since there are a variety of factors involved in its diagnosis. When assessing and treating family of origin trauma, Rising Roads’ clinicians consider these components, among others: 

  • Age of the affected individuals
  • Interpersonal relationship dynamics
  • Emotional culture of the family
  • Response by a household’s primary caregivers
  • Genetic influences

Repressed trauma is also common among women, and may surface as they begin building their own families. Thoughts and feelings arise without warning, but emotions are often pushed aside until long after a traumatic event has occurred. This pattern causes women to feel “stuck,” unable to break through the trauma barriers of their past. Rising Roads’ therapists and credentialed specialists help you uncover your family of origin trauma, get to the root of your response, and teach you to live fully in the present.

Individualized Trauma Treatment

Since PTSD may be directly associated with addiction, Rising Roads offers unique therapy services that treat substance use disorders and related trauma components simultaneously. Trauma is a very personal matter for our clients. As part of our treatment program, we offer individualized therapy that gets to the core of negative thoughts and behaviors. This therapy approach allows women to take ownership of their feelings without allowing trauma to define them. With our guidance, clients make peace with past events and overcome a related sense of anxiety, shame and depression.

Enroll in SoCal Women-Only Trauma Treatment

If family of origin trauma is preventing you or someone you care about from engaging in a rich, meaningful life, Rising Roads is here to help. Call our admissions specialists at 866.746.1558 to gain freedom from a past tainted by PTSD, addiction-related trauma or family of origin trauma disorders.

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