Specialized Addiction Programs for Women

Rising Roads Recovery for Women specializes in the needs of women while weaving in their desires and dreams. Our all-female Orange County, CA, addiction treatment center is here to serve as a bridge between intensive primary treatment and a fulfilled life on your own. We are a place for women to explore what you’ve learned in primary treatment or from a relapse and to figure out how to incorporate recovery into your future life.

Creating a life worth living is a process and you need support. We have developed a specialized addiction program solely dedicated to the development of women in recovery. And is includes recovery in all aspects of their lives.

Our Orange County, CA, facility provides the staff, physical surroundings, and outside support necessary to take the next steps. Our groups, outings, and program are structured to encourage growth and movement. The purpose of getting sober is to effectuate the change necessary to realize a new life and a new purpose.

Ongoing Support in Orange County, CA

Women need care that is ongoing and specific to them for many reasons. Often, even under the best of circumstances, women let their health and well-being fade to the back burner while other concerns take precedence. Perhaps you have been focusing on school, your career, raising children, being a good significant other, or maybe you have just been too consumed with alcohol or drug use to pay attention to yourself.

Rising Roads Recovery gives you the space to reassess your needs and get yourself back on tract emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

During primary treatment, the focus is on stabilization and education. Transitional care is generally a longer timeframe, which allows for further exploration of the information and to address the underlying issues that have come up now that you are sober. Early sobriety is trying and difficult, especially when that well-known pink cloud pops.

Female hormonal patterns are complex and varied and can influence behaviors and feelings. This also can affect the ability to work through eating issues and Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). If left unaddressed, this can lead to changes in emotional capacity and ultimately lead to relapse. Rising Roads is here to help you and your sobriety get stronger day-by-day.

Addressing the needs of the women we serve is our passion. The creation of Rising Roads has been a labor of love for the entire team. Our specialized addiction programs for women support your desire for long-term sobriety and include:

  • Psychiatric consultation
  • Medication management 
  • Nutritional support
  • Grief and loss work 
  • Trauma exploration and resolution
  • Group therapy
  • Individual therapy
  • Yoga and boot camps
  • Resume writing and job search assistance
  • Educational planning and assistance 
  • Meditation and contemplation
  • Outings just for fun
  • Psycho-educational groups 
  • Grocery shopping and cooking classes
  • Daily 12-step meetings


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We are thrilled that you are looking into treatment and we would love to be a part of your recovery story. Our program is the result of a collaborative dream where the clients in treatment and the staff can all benefit. Our staff is committed to your recovery as well as our own and we practice what we preach. Whether this is for you, a loved one, or a client, we encourage you to contact us so that we can address any specific questions you might have. Call today: 866-746-1558.

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