Transitional Living for Women

Rise Up Program

Our Rise Up Program was created for women seeking additional care after primary treatment. If you are graduating from a stabilization program and realize you need more help, then this program is for you. Rise Up will help you establish your goals for the next 90 days for your sobriety and beyond.

At our California women's recovery center, we will assist you in creating a plan with measurable and attainable milestones -- and we'll walk with you every step of the way. Our transitional living program for women seeks to help you continue the work you have already done rather than repackage it.

During your time at Rising Roads Recovery, you’ll…

  • Participate in individual and group therapy
  • Delve deeper into your underlying issues, such as attachment wounds, trauma, and possible PTSD
  • Create a strong 12-step support community


Why Choose Our California Women's Recovery Center

You may be worried about the additional time and/or money involved in transitional living. We ask that you think about the investment you have already made. You have spent time, money, and emotion getting help. You have given it your all and want to succeed. Maybe this was your first time in treatment and you feel strong for the first time in a long time. Maybe this is not trip one down the treatment road and you feel you shouldn’t need transitional care. Whatever your excuse, remember that study after study and professional opinion after professional opinion note that the longer time spent in treatment, the better predictor of long-term recovery.

Recovery is difficult; much more difficult than just being physically sober. Recovery includes physical as well as emotional and spiritual healing, which is time consuming. If you do it right, you will hopefully never have to do it again. As with anything important in life, your recovery is worth doing right this time.

Rising Roads is set up to maintain the skills you have already learned and practice them. At our California women's recovery center, you will learn…

  • Your assets and strengths -- and how to capitalize on them
  • Your weaknesses -- and how to combat them.
  • To gain confidence and peace about who and what you are -- all while practicing this life of recovery


Learn More About Transitional Living

We are here to help; we are here to plan, support, and love. To find out more about Rising Road Recovery’s transitional living program for women, call today: 866-746-1558. 


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