Trauma Treatment for Women

Rising Roads attempts to bring about enduring change within your life by using all the tools at our disposal. We provide trauma informed treatment in all aspects if your care. The term Trauma is used to describe a deeply distressing or disturbing experience that creates ongoing issues. Women come to Rising Roads with all sorts of traumas and often try to minimize the effects it has on your life. Here you are free to be who you are and tell your story exactly how you have experienced it.

Not all of us process traumas in the same way and although siblings could have experienced the same incidence how they interpret and internalize the event can vary drastically. The experience and effects of trauma is also very varied depending on the age at which the trauma occurs. For example, perhaps a dog attacked you at a young age. You were too young to physically fight back. Your experience of the event was paralyzing and you are now terrified of dogs. Even very small dogs that you know you can physically overpower and protect yourself from. This is a very simple example of a complex issue but a prime example just the same. Your adult mind can process the trauma in an adult way now but you weren’t capable of doing so at the age the trauma occurred.

Trauma Resolution

Trauma resolution means more than just talking about your traumatic experiences in therapy. Our goal is to assist you in moving through them. Not forgetting them but appropriately dealing with them so that the negative lasting effects do not cause problems in your everyday life. We want to help you stop running from the emotions and feelings of your trauma. We utilize proven techniques such as Psychodrama, Art, and Somatic Therapy to name a few. By using all the tools we have, we begin to help you distinguish between the shame and guilt you are experiencing and strategize on how to continue healing.

If you are looking for a place to address your addiction in relation to you trauma where you are free from judgment, Rising Roads Recovery is for you. Call us with your story today.





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