Post Relapse Care - Boost Up Program

If you have experienced sobriety but have had a relapse, our Boost Up Program is for you. Our post relapse care is designed for those who have had the taste of recovery and begun to feel the promises comes true in their life. The shame and self-loathing that occurs after a relapse can be hard to work though – and we’re here to help without judgment. Rising Roads is a place to work through that shame and guilt; it doesn’t have to get worse.

Generally, treatment after a drug relapse doesn’t need to include more information and facts about the disease of addiction. Instead, clients need a way to change the way they respond to the stressors of sobriety. We often hear loved ones say, “She could teach the class but she can’t stay sober.” Our goal is to get you to drop into the emotions, decipher when all goes awry, and aid in changing that pattern.

An eight-year study of almost 1,200 addicts and alcoholics, showed that a person has a 50% rate of relapse after one year of sobriety; if she reaches five years of sobriety, the relapse rate drops to 15%. With statistics like this, it's no wonder why loved ones are so terrified of relapse. However, this study does tell us that at one-year sober the glass can be half full. It also shows that relapse is nothing to be ashamed of; it’s a part of many recovery stories. And you don’t have to “hit bottom” again. You only need to decide enough is enough and choose to not let it get any worse.

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Treatment After a Drug Relapse

Staying sober, especially in the beginning, feels very complex. You’ve probably heard the saying in 12-step meetings that “it’s a simple program for complicated people” – and it’s very true. The simple part is not using alcohol and drugs. The complicated part is figuring out how to do that and not feel insane in the process.

Our post relapse care helps you dissect the relapse process and plan for the caveats of life that will inevitably arise. We intervene when you’re going astray and can’t see it yet. We work together to create some new healthy coping skills so when life goes haywire, like it does for everyone, you can keep your positive trajectory. We encourage you and remind you about what is at risk.

Most of our clients have had at least one other treatment episode and/or had some history of recovery. Women often come into post relapse care feeling blindsided by the relapse. Our goal is to take the blindsided part out of the equation. Active use begins well before you pick up your drug of choice. Relapse means more than just using; it means reverting back into old behaviors that will inevitably lead to use. It means engaging in destructive relationships; participating in eating disorders; not living authentically.

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Rising Roads Recovery wants to help you educate yourself on your very own patterns. Addiction is a chronic disease and a previous relapse does not mean failure – nor is relapse necessary for long-term recovery. Just like everyone’s recovery plan looks different, so does everyone’s relapse avoidance plan. You have a unique history that needs to be accounted for in your plan. And we’re here to help; we’re here to plan, support, and love. To learn more, call today: 866-746-1558.


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